LED 40-2k

OceanRobotics LED-40-2k 610 many

High power miniature LED

LED replacement for 100W halogen, fully dimmable and small size

The LED 40-2k gives a uniform lighting perfect for scene illumination. The light can be delivered with several different kinds of communication options, both analog and digital. The standard isolated digital control enables the host system to constantly monitor all aspects of LED internal status, besides from controlling the light intensity.

The LED can be delivered with different color temperatures, from warm to cold, to enable the user to reach different effects of lighting when working in differing conditions. Digital control enables up to 8 lights from the Ocean Robotics range to deployed on the same bus without any changes to the hardware or software.

Technical Specification
Light output
Color temperatures


3000K, 4100K, 5600K        
24VDC, 30W
Ø40mm, L 64mm
Weight in air
Weight in water    
Depth rating    
LED control
500m (2000m option)
CAN / RS232/485 / Analog



Underwater Technology Engineered for Reliability

  • Materials that resist pressure, rough treatment and corrosion
  • Highly specified components
  • Great care in the design and manufacture of all details
  • Physically and electrically isolated system components
  • Distributed control system with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Pressure compensated brushless DC thrusters for deep dives
  • Advanced double seals
  • Shock resistant protective frame