Inshore under-water operations require reliable equipment that can withstand tough conditions and handling during operations as well as transportation and storage. High quality video becomes more and more important to do the work and to report.  Ocean Robotics ROVs and Diving Equipment are designed to operate and deliver in tough conditions with a minimum of service. 

Underwater Construction

Underwater Construction2 180x215

Ocean Robotics ROVs for underwater construction offer stable platforms for video, sonars and other sensors. For the construction divers our robust LED lights and cameras give the best conditions for work and documentation.

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Diving1 180x215

Diving companies facing a variety of underwater tasks require compact and powerful ROVs that are easy to launch and operate. Reliable, high quality lights and video handling equipment make the difference in their daily operations.

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Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue2 180x215

Compact but powerful enough for agile manoeuvring while carrying sonars and other required equipment, our ROVs are well suited for search & rescue operations. Transportable and fast to mobilize they allow immediate actions.

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